Sunday, November 13, 2016


Glenn Beck Says "Don’t Move to Canada. Talk to the Other Side".

"I want to meet with any nonpolitical thought leaders on the left who are sincere and honest in their beliefs — and just listen."

Wow, that’s really sweet of you Mr. Beck.   Kinda wish you had been interested in listening to me when you were demonizing Hillary Clinton and her e-mails instead of discussing her policies, or during the 8 years Obama was president and your party opposed, blocked and did everything in their power to keep him from success.  So, I think I’ll take a pass on coming to your table, holding hands and singing Kumbaya .

You claim you want to “listen to me” but see, what I think you really want is to make yourself feel better about contributing to an atmosphere so toxic someone like Trump could question the validity of Obama’s very citizenship, win the republican nomination, and THEN be elected president of the United States of America.   Wow.  Tell you what -- why don’t you just take it up with your Bishop and leave me out of it.

Yeah, I know you didn’t vote for him.  But by the time you realized that Obama was coming neither for your guns nor your religion it was too late.  Your fans just transferred their irrational angst onto Hillary Clinton along with a healthy fear-mongering dose of open boarders, 9-month abortions, arms deals with terrorist, and murderous conspiracies.  As bad as Trump is, how could you not choose him over baby killer Hillary Clinton who hates America and wants to enslave us all to communist over lords.  The die you threw, Mr. Beck, had been cast.

Thanks for the last minute effort, though.  And I have to admit I find it a relief you couldn’t actually pull the lever for the man.  But it does seem convenient that NOW you seem suddenly interested in listening to me, somehow impling you are at last willing to compromise and we can come together and make the best of this situation which is after all the decided fault of liberals for the shabby way we treated George Bush and then forced Obama on the population that elected him.

But here's the thing:  You and your ilk weren’t interested in compromise when my man was in the White House, so it seems highly unlikely to me that now, when your party has the White House, the Senate, the Congress, and very soon the Supreme Court itself, that you truly give a damn about the two cents from my leftist, socialist, elitist, freedom hating pocket.

But that’s ok, because you know what?  I really don’t want to compromise.  I want Trump to do each and every thing he promised he would do while he was campaigning so that whatever happens to and in this country over the next 4 years is ALL on his head, and his voters, and every single one of you who paved the way for him.  Have at it.


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