Saturday, January 30, 2010

100 Blankets

Every baby deserves a warm soft blanket.

So I've decided to make 100 fleece baby blankets to donate this year. I figure that's about 8 blankets a month, with 4 extra that I gotta try to squeeze in at some point. Fortunately, I LOVE making these blankets. They don't require any sewing, just some cutting and tying, which I can do while I'm watching T.V. It's fun to pick out the fabrics and I can usually pick up fleece on sale, or even in the remnant section.

I thought blogging about it might be a fun way to keep myself motivated, and I can post pictures of the blankets as I go along.

The idea for the project started after I read a quote. I can't remember the exact who or what but it was something to the effect of, "Don't worry about success, worry about making a difference."

Hopefully at the end of the year 100 babies will feel the difference and that sure would feel like success to me.

Gotta go. Got some blankets to make.

If you would like to join me and make some blanket of your own, direction for making them are at Even 1 blanket will make a difference. Let's start something.