Friday, December 26, 2008

The Laddies

My husband and I love a good movie. Something that really grabs you--something that slaps you around and calls you Susie.  So it's become a tradition that every year my husband and I select from all the movies we've seen a favorite, and award it "The Laddie".

It's hard to describe what makes a Laddie.  If you check out the list (the link is in the boarder on the right) you will see they are all over the map from comedy to drama, to action, to well--just silly in some cases. Nevertheless, they are our pick for the year.

Laddies are never academy award winners, and often not even nominated.  Though they are usually heavy on plot and character, they are not above a little action.  Witty dialog is a must and a good twist will seal the deal.   Laddies have been split on a number of occasions when my husband and I couldn't agree, which seems to be more frequent these days. 

I think the best way to describe a Laddie is to say it's "Just a damn good movie".    

Hope you can take the time to check out our list and write up on each of the lucky recipients through the years.

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