Friday, March 7, 2008

Victor Update

I've heard from Victor.

Well, sort of.  Another soldier wrote me to let me know that he had been given the stocking instead of Victor himself because...

Victor is home!  He closed his APO (OK, I have no idea what that means but I think it's good), so is most likely home now. The soldier who was the beneficiary of our stocking was very grateful, and wrote the following.

"Words cannot describe how much it means, for us over here, to know that we have the support of people back home....Tell your daughter the picture she drew was beautiful and that I have it hanging up in my office."

Although I'm sorry Victor did not get his pudding and movies I'm thrilled that is was under such circumstances.  It's good to know that Victor is home, and now we have another soldier to remember in our prayers.  Afterall, they are ALL "Our Soliders".   
Maybe I'm just turning into a yellow bellied liberal softy but I want them all home safely.   I hope that doesn't sound "unsupportive".  And if anyone says Victor didn't return home with "Honor", I swear I'll punch him the nose.


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